Diagnostic Services

We identify vulnerabilities to strengthen your security


Diagnostic Cybersecurity Services

At KIGGU, we understand the importance of identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Our diagnostic services are designed to do just that. With a range of specialized diagnostics available, we can analyze everything from devices connected to your WiFi network to larger IT infrastructures, We have coverage for over 40,000 unique IT technologies, ensuring a comprehensive analysis.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our automated and manual diagnostics can provide you with a detailed report of potential vulnerabilities, helping you to prioritize your cybersecurity efforts.


Discover our diagnostic services

KIGGU Mobile App – Diagnose

World's only mobile platform for assessing vulnerabilities of WIFI-connected devices.

KIGGU Pro – Diagnose

Platform to evaluate the digital vulnerabilities of your WIFI network.

KIGGU Pro – VS – Vulnerability Scanning

Cloud platform for on-demand vulnerability scanning with high-quality results.

KIGGU Pro – WAS – Web Application Scanning

Identify digital vulnerabilities of WEB APPS or WEB Services with our cloud platform.

KIGGU Pro – VA – Vulnerability Assessment

Deep, advanced recognition of weaknesses using MITRE ATT&CK® methodology.

KIGGU Pro – VM – Vulnerability Management

Manage risks of your information assets with our platform that organizes vulnerability recognition tasks.

KIGGU Pro – EH – Ethical Hacking

Advanced service for recognizing weaknesses and exploiting vulnerabilities.


Easy-to-run code review tests for detecting known common bugs and vulnerabilities.

KIGGU Pro – SP – Spear Phishing

Targeted phishing tests to enhance individual awareness and protect sensitive organizational data.

KIGGU Consultant – Red team

Next-gen cybernetic tests with a team attacking the organization permanently to find any weaknesses.

KIGGU Consultant – Ethical hacking

Advanced ethical hacking using MITRE ATT&CK® to identify and exploit potential vulnerabilities.

KIGGU Consultant – Penetration test pci dss & compliance

Comprehensive penetration testing aligned with major compliance standards for robust security assessment.

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