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At KIGGU, we combine experience, innovation, and commitment to provide top-tier cybersecurity solutions.


We identify vulnerabilities to strengthen your security


We offer robust solutions to protect your digital assets


We monitor your systems, detecting threats in real time.


Your journey with KIGGU begins with diagnostics

We offer a wide range of diagnostic services covering over 40,000unique IT technologies.

The world’s only mobile platform for evaluating vulnerabilities in your WIFI network.

Our App allows you to control the security of the devices in your WIFI network in 3 intuitive steps:


Register your KIGGU account


Choose the network and devices to scan


Download or share the generated report

For a more detailed analysis, we offer a wide range of specialized diagnostics


Once vulnerabilities are identified, it's time to protect

KIGGU protects you by remedying vulnerabilities, training your team, insuring you, and responding to incidents with forensic computing.

We turn vulnerabilities into strengths

Our team of experts will guide you through every necessary step to remedy vulnerabilities and strengthen your systems.

We train your team to be the first line of defense

We strengthen your team with cybersecurity training, making them your first line of defense.

Financial coverage for cybersecurity incidents

Our cyber insurance, Boxx, provides you with the financial coverage you need in case of a cybersecurity incident.

Understanding and responding to cybersecurity incidents

Our experts in computing and forensic science help you understand and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

we provide a wide range of cybersecurity solutions

Our solutions include Firewalls, IDPS, secure routers and switches, SIEM, UTM, HSMs, Biometric Authentication Devices and NAC. All this working with the best brands


Once secured, we must always stay vigilant

Our monitoring services provide you with peace of mind knowing that your systems are being watched 24/7.

We provide real-time threat monitoring and management

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly watches over your systems, so you can be sure that any threat will be detected and managed quickly.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets

Our Brand Monitoring service helps you protect your reputation by detecting and responding to any misuse of your brand in cyberspace.


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